School of Tomorrow Junior Student Convention 2010

"Seek the True Treasure"

February 4-5, 2010

 Venue: Iloilo Baptist Church, Jaro, Iloilo City


Calvary Baptist Academy (Oton, Iloilo)


1st Place: Short Story Writing (Filipino)

2nd Place: Poetry Writing (Filipino)

3rd Place: Essay Writing

3rd Place: Essay Writing (Filipino)

4th Place: Bible Memory

4th Place: PACE Bowl

4th Place: Poetry Writing


4th Place: Water Color

4th Place: Sketching

5th Place: Colored Pencils

6th Place: Pen and Ink


4th Place: Counted Cross-Stitch


2nd Place: Solo Woodwind

3rd Place: Solo Piano Female

3rd Place: Solo Piano Male

4th Place: Solo String (Bowed)


1st Place: Trio Male

2nd Place: Solo Male

3rd Place: Large Ensemble

4th Place: Duet Mixed

4th Place: Quartet Mixed

5th Place: Duet Male

5th Place: Quartet Male

5th Place: Trio Mixed

6th Place: Quartet Female

6th Place: Small Ensemble

6th Place: Solo Female (14 below)


1st Place: Illustrative Storytelling Male

2nd Place: One-Act Play

3rd Place: Illustrative Storytelling Female

5th Place: Poetry Recitation Male

6th Place: Poetry Recitation Female

Athletics (Female)

2nd Place: Volleyball

3rd Place: Table Tennis - F

6th Place: 100 Meter Dash - F

Athletics (Male)

5th Place: Basktetball

Athletics (Male) Track

4th Place: 100-Meter Dash


Congratulations! To God be the glory!