Gift Giving and Medical Missions


Dear friends,
       I'd like to share with you one of the  most cherished experiences I had  in the Philippines.I  want to give credit to all who sacrificed to help make this  trip possible, most of all to God.I was overjoyed to bring  many of your donated items ,(which most of you gave your  time and resources to be shared to the less privileged.)
    1/3 of the goods were distributed to the people of  western Visayas and the rest went to Mindanao , to the  tribal groups. I brought with me a team of workers to help  distribute the items and a doctor to conduct the medical  missions.Its a very tiring trip but very fruitful and  fulfilling.It took us total of 3 hours by plane to reach the  places in Mindanao,2 hours by land trip and a couple more  hours by foot.
     Most if not all of the kids in the tribes got  their first Barbie dolls   and toy cars( which were coveted by the adults too).Many  of the natives got clothes to keep them warm and shoes for  their calloused feet.They received food and items for their  basic necessities for which they were very grateful  about.The books and school supplies were given to the  teachers of the literacy program where the adults are  learning to read and write for the first time together with  their kids, because they have no means to go to school.
     Each and every kid got a toy( more than 500 of them total) and hundreds of families got their gifts. The  recipients were very happy and grateful.They would like to  thank you for being instrumental in giving so much joy to  their hearts and sharing with them the true meaning of  christmas- Giving and Showing to them the Love of God.I  thank God for showing  His goodness to His people  through you.

 PS    I hope that you could come to visit the Philippines
 yourself  the next time.....If only you could see their
 smiles....It is very exciting! Attached are some pictures
 for you to enjoy...